Admission Requirements

  • Applicants for admission into any graduate program in the School of Engineering must hold, before beginning graduate courses, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or institution acceptable to Manhattan College.
  • In addition, prospective students must meet the specific requirements of their chosen program.
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is normally required for admission to all graduate engineering programs, although other factors may be considered in the decision for admission.
  • Applicants may be requested to take the GRE for certain programs.

Generally, those admitted into graduate engineering programs will be matriculated students, seeking to fulfill the requirements for a degree. A student may be granted permission to take an approved graduate course on a non-matriculated basis or in special cases as an auditor. A non-matriculated student is one earning graduate credit for a specific course but not necessarily working for a degree. For example, the student may be interested in earning a Graduate Engineering Certificate. For non-matriculated and auditing students, tuition and fees will be the same as for matriculated students.

A student who lacks undergraduate prerequisites for a specific program may be asked to satisfactorily complete certain undergraduate (bridging) courses as a non-matriculated student. When these courses are successfully completed, the student may be admitted to matriculation.

A student requesting to take graduate courses as a non-matriculated student must have the necessary prerequisites for those courses. Students may not register for more than 12 credits as a non-matriculated student without the permission of the dean of the School of Engineering.

Students who take graduate courses at Manhattan College on a non-matriculated basis and apply thereafter for admission to a graduate program as a matriculated student will be informed at the time of acceptance which of the courses they’ve taken may be applied to that degree program.

Students who have earned a master's degree or are pursuing a master's degree in one engineering program at Manhattan College and desire to seek admission into another program must file a new application with the office of Admissions.

All documents of applicants who have been accepted and who for extenuating circumstances cannot register for courses in the session for which they were admitted will be kept on file for two years. The documents will be destroyed if the applicant does not register for courses within that time.

Students who completed their undergraduate studies outside of the United States are required to submit a course-by-course credit evaluation from World Education Services (WES). In addition to the WES report, international students must submit the online application with fee, narrative statement, resume, and letters of recommendation. We recommend that this be done at least four months prior to the beginning of the session they wish to enter. After acceptance, these students must submit a notarized statement that they have sufficient funds to finance their education and their maintenance. Many of the sources of financial assistance are limited to the residents of the United States.