Honor Societies

School-Wide Honor Societies

Many of our students belong to prestigious, well-respected honor societies, each with their own specific criteria for admission. 

Epsilon Sigma Pi

Our oldest college-wide honor society, Epsilon Sigma Pi, is open to high-achieving students in all academic areas at Manhattan College. Students who have completed six consecutive semesters with a cumulative scholarship index of at least 3.50 and have no D's or F's are eligible. See the course catalog for full eligibility details. 
Moderator: William Clyde

Phi Beta Kappa

Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is dedicated to the idea of excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. The Manhattan College chapter, the Upsilon of New York was established in 1971. Election to Phi Beta Kappa is generally regarded as a mark of the highest distinction.
Moderator: Marlene Gottlieb

Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi is a national honor society established in 1896 to encourage research in the sciences. Students are elected to membership on the basis of their accomplishments in research and their enthusiasm for continued scientific investigation. http://www.sigmaxi.org
Moderator: Richard Carbonaro

Department Honor Societies

Departments of the School of Science sponsor local chapters of national honor societies in their disciplines.

Beta Beta Beta (Biology)

Beta Beta Beta is a national honor society for biology founded in 1922. It is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. http://www.tribeta.org
Moderator: Lance Evans

Gamma Sigma Epsilon (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national honor society founded in 1919. The purpose of Gamma Sigma Epsilon is to foster a more comprehensive and cooperative study of chemistry and its immediately allied studies.
Moderator: James McCullagh

Tau Sigma Kappa (Computer Science)

Tau Sigma Kappa is the honor society for students of computer science. It was founded at Manhattan College in 1987 to promote scholarship and ethical research in computer science.
Moderator: Peter Boothe

Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

Pi Mu Epsilon was founded in 1914 at Syracuse University. The purpose of Pi Mu Epsilon is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among the students in academic institutions. http://www.pme-math.org/
Moderator: Rosemary Farley

Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics)

Sigma Pi Sigma, founded in 1921, exists to honor outstanding scholarship in physics; to encourage interest in physics among students at all levels; to promote an attitude of service of its member toward their fellow students, colleagues and the public; and to provide a fellowship of persons who have excelled in physics. http://www.sigmapisigma.org
Moderator: Constantine Theodosiou