Spring 2014

CS Award 2014

The inaugural annual CS award will be presented to one CS major in recognition of their academic achievements, leadership contributions and extracurricular involvement during their stay at Manhattan College. Student applications are due between March 27 and April 4. For application form and other details, please visit:

Programming for Fun contest - Mar 25, 2014

Three teams participated in the spring 2014 Programming for Fun event. Red Wings team (Tyler White, Mim Cobaj, Andre Oliveira) won the contest by solving all six problems.

Christopher Ochs

Using Ontologies to Disambiguate Web Search Queries - Feb 24, 2013

Christopher Ochs of New Jersey Institute of Technology gave a talk on modern semantic web technologies, such as ontologies and Google Knowledge Graph. He also presented Ontology Supported Web Search as a tool to handle ambiguous query problems.

Past Events - Fall 2013

End of the semester party - Dec 5, 2013

The end of the semester party was organized to provide students a chance to take a break from their busy schedule, celebrate their hard work during the semester and enjoy pizza. The event was sponsored by UPS.

A Visit from UPS - Dec 5, 2013

A team from UPS including HR, managers of various divisions and MC alumni visited the department to introduce the company, describe the technology they depend on and talk about jobs and internship opportunities. The event provided students a unique opportunity to have full attention of hiring managers, hear what MC alumni had to say and an opportunity to apply for an internship or job on the spot.

Data Mining in Social Networks - Nov 25, 2013

Lidan Fan of the University of Texas at Dallas gave a talk on analyzing data from social networks and techniques to use such data to make predictions for different events such as elections.

Avinash Srinivasan

Information Hiding: Friend or Foe in Cyber Security - Nov 15, 2013

Dr. Avinash Srinivasan of George Mason University gave a talk on the overview of the field of information hiding and compared it to antiforensics drawing some parallels and highlighting key differences.

Ju Shen

Realistic Animations for Computer Gaming - Nov 13, 2013

Ju Shen from University of Kentucky gave a talk on animations in computer gaming covering topics such as model design, animation programming, skeletons and skins, and physical simulation.

NYPD Visit

Several students and faculty members visited NYPD’s Operation Center and Real Time Crime Center. The group was given a behind-the-scene tour of technology used by one of the finest police departments in the world.

NYPD visit

ACM programming contest - Oct 27, 2013

Three teams participated at the ACM programming contest held at Yale University.

  • Red Wings: Tyler White, Mim Cobaj, Andre Oliveira (solved 4 problems)
  • Pro Graham Crackers: Thomas Arias, Kathryn Sacca, Marc Belevan (solved 3 problems)
  • MC 1: Richard Schmidt, Andrew Franceschina, Steven Zuniga (solved 1 problem)

It was the best performance by Manhattan College teams to date at the ACM programming contest.

acm programming contest

Manhattan College Open House - Oct 27, 2013

The department participated in the university open house to meet and greet prospective students and their parents.

A Visit from Crestron Electronics - Oct 8, 2013

The Computer Science department hosted Angela Parrinello from Crestron Electronics who gave a talk on internship and job opportunities at Crestron.

Programming for Fun contest - Oct 8, 2013

Eight teams participated in the fall 2013 Programming for Fun event. Red Wings team (Tyler White, Mim Cobaj, Andre Oliveira) won the contest by solving four problems. The event was sponsored by Crestron Electronics.

Mobile App Development with Web Technologies - Sept 26, 2013

David Daudelin of AT&T gave a talk on how to quickly start developing mobile apps and the pros and cons of web vs. hybrid vs. native app development approaches. David also spoke about job and internship opportunities at AT&T.

How Do Computers See - Sept 12, 2013

Sugata Banerji of New Jersey Institute of Technology gave a talk on some of the popular techniques being used by researchers in the field of content-based image retrieval and included topics such as feature descriptors and classifications systems.

Welcome Party - Sept 4, 2013

Students and faculty of the department got together for a welcome pizza party at the start of the semester.