Environmental Sciences

Involved Faculty

  • Michael Judge: PhD, Professor of Biology-Research in water flow, bivalve ecosystem engineers, and sediment and metal toxicology in estuarine crustaceans


  • Judge, M.L., M.L Botton, and M.G. Hamilton. 2011.  Physiological consequences of the supralittoral fringe: microhabitat temperature profiles and stress protein levels in the tropical periwinkle Cenchritis muricatus (Linneaus, 1758). Hydrobiologia, 675: 143-156.  DOI: 10.1007/s10750-011-0812-3. (JUDGE, MICHAEL)
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  • Judge, M.L. 1988. The effects of increased drag on Lottia gigantea (Sowerby, 1834) foraging behavior. Functional Ecology 2: 363-369.  (JUDGE, MICHAEL)


  • Role of thermal load and desiccation on tropical snail behavior, growth and survival  (JUDGE, MICHAEL)
  • Effects of water flow on shellfish growth and bivalve ecosystem engineers  (JUDGE, MICHAEL)
  • Sediment and metal toxicology in estuarine crustaceans  (JUDGE, MICHAEL)
  • Role of sediment cues on molting of fiddler crab and Asian shore crab megalopae  (JUDGE, MICHAEL)

Courses Offered

  • BIOL 223 - Ecology
  • BIOL 409 - Marine Biology
  • BIOL 431 - Freshwater Ecology
  • BIOL 432 - Estuarine and Coastal Ecology
  • SCI 210 - Introductory Oceanography
  • SCI 202 - Introduction Geology
  • SCI 323 - Topics in Applied Conservation