Water Quality Modeling Certificate

The certificate program in Water Quality Modeling provides a strong background in current modeling techniques for conventional pollutants, nutrients, toxic organic contaminants and metals. The choice of technical electives allows students to focus their remaining coursework on specific topics in numerical modeling, nutrient enrichment/eutrophication, toxic organic contamination, bioaccumulation, metal contamination, ecological and human risk assessment and site remediation. Note that certain technical electives have prerequisite requirements. See the Manhattan College Graduate Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisite requirements.


ENVG 505 Surface Water Quality Modeling  1 3
ENVG 700 Mathematical Models 1 3
ONE of the following elective courses: 
ENVG 703 Fate and Effects of Toxic Contaminants  3
ENVG 704 Advanced Water Quality Modeling   3
ENVG TKTK Metals in the Environment  3
Total Credits: 9

1 Students who have previously completed ENVG 505, ENVG 700 or equivalent surface water quality and mathematical modeling courses can select a substitute course from the list of technical electives.