Geoenvironmental Engineering Certificate

The certificate program in Geoenvironmental Engineering provides a strong background in geohydrology, groundwater contamination and remediation. The choice of technical electives allows students to focus their remaining coursework on specific topics in geochemistry or bioremediation. Note that certain technical electives have prerequisite requirements. See the Manhattan College Graduate Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisite requirements.


ENVG 507 Geohydrology 1 3
ENVG 712 Advanced Geohydrology I  3
ONE of the following elective courses: 
CIVL 410 Introduction to Geotechnical Applications  2 3
ENVG 709 Geochemistry   3
ENVG 722 Subsurface Bioremediation  3
Total Credits: 9

1 Students who have previously completed ENVG 507 or an equivalent groundwater hydrology can select a substitute course from the list of technical electives.

2 This is an undergraduate course and cannot be applied to Master's of Engineering (ME) or Master's of Science (MS) Degree in Environmental Engineering.