Civil & Environmental Engineering

The department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Civil Engineering and a graduate program in Environmental Engineering.

Civil and environmental engineering encompasses a wide range of applications. Structural engineering deals with the analysis, design and construction of buildings, bridges, ships, aircraft and other flight structures. Environmental engineering, with its emphasis on the quality of water resources allows an engineer to analyze and model the environment, assess the effects of man’s activities on it, and design control facilities to ensure improvement and protection of our nation’s water. Geotechnical engineering concentrates on the study of the behavior of various soils and designs adequate supports for all structures resting on the earth and other planets. Transportation engineering emphasizes the planning, design, and construction of efficient transportation systems such as highways, airports, railways, ports, and public transport. Students obtain a background in each of the above disciplines with one or more concentrations.

Civil engineering majors have the opportunity to pursue an exclusive civil engineering curriculum. If, however, they wish to combine a civil major with an environmental minor, there is sufficient flexibility in the program to accommodate that choice.