Cocurricular Activities

Cocurricular clubs and activities provide students with the chance to put studies into practice, as well as network with like-minded students and professors. Get involved in the School of Education and Health's clubs and activities and have the whole world open up to you!

Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children is a nonprofit membership organization established in 1922 whose goal is the improvement of educational policy, outcomes and lifestyles for over 5 million children with disabilities and 2.5 million gifted children. The Manhattan College chapter is a student subdivision whose purpose is to promote understanding and acceptance of exceptional individuals and collegiality between students and professionals. Any student may become a member. There is an annual national fee to join. Members receive professional journals and discounts.

Optimal College Readiness Program

The Optimal College Readiness Center aims to develop and sustain a community of learners who will be successful in post-secondary education. The center places students in schools where they provide outreach tutoring, mentoring, help with academic counseling and college-application related work. The program has both undergraduate tutors and graduate counselors-in-training. The center offers assistance to partner schools in providing best practices in college advising, and in professional development to familiarize teachers and counselors with the level of rigor needed to successfully complete high school, and finally to learn how to research student grant and financial-aid opportunities. The center also provides services to develop counselors’ and teachers’ knowledge of specific possible college majors and careers through grant-developed courses on aspects of college advising.

Manhattan College Games

Manhattan College Games is an annual day of activities for persons with special needs. During this spirited and fun event, children and adults with mental and physical disabilities from New York City, Westchester, Rockland and the Bronx receive individual attention from Manhattan College volunteers as they participate in a variety of non-competitive sports and physical activities. In previous years, athletes have come from New York public and parochial schools, the Yonkers park and recreation department, the Miriam de Soyza Learning Center, Project CHAMP, SPORT Program and the Bill Byron Residence at Jacobi Hospital. More than 100 volunteers from the Manhattan College community alone usually participate in the games. Athletes are generally involved in over three hours of activity, including the opening parade, the award ceremony and other planned events.

Saturday Program of Recreation and Teaching (SPORT) Program

The SPORT Program is a 25-year-old Saturday recreation program for individuals with disabilities held at Manhattan College. It currently services 15 adults who are blind and intellectually disabled that live in residences in Riverdale operated by Advocates for Services for the Blind and Multihandicapped, Inc. The program has a professional staff of two teachers, and they are assisted by Manhattan College student volunteers.