Student Information

Student Information (for Masters and School of Continuing and Professional Studies)


Graduation announcements, eight tickets and instructions for Commencement, will be distributed from the deans office for your school beginning Monday, April 18 through Friday May 6. Extended hours will be offered at the Office of Student Accounts/Bursar Services, between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on April 28th, May 3rd and May 5th.

You must complete the following before picking up your graduation packets:

  1. Pay all Fees: Pay a graduation fee, if you have not already done so, and any other outstanding tuition balances.
  2. Exit Counseling: Online exit counseling is required if you borrowed federal loans (Stafford and/or Perkins) and/or the TEACH Grant. Students were sent instructions by e-mail and can refer to the student financial services exit counseling page
  3. Graduation Clearance Checklist: Please log on to Self-Service to review your customized graduation clearance checklist. Your checklist outlines the requirements you need to complete BEFORE you are eligible to claim your graduation tickets at the dean's office.

Graduation Announcements

Each graduating student will receive formal graduation announcements. These are distributed with the tickets. 

Cap & Gown

Cap and gown attire will be distributed from the bookstore, beginning Monday, April 25. Only students who have been cleared to graduate will be provided academic attire.  


Graduating Students Assembly Areas

On the day of commencement, graduating students will assemble in the designated areas listed below. All students are required to be in the appropriate area by 2:00 p.m. You will be instructed to check in with your advisors, and you will be given a readers card for the ceremony and then line up in alphabetical order by school.

Student Assembly Areas (report at 2:00 p.m.)

  • Masters Degree: Smith Auditorium
  • School of Continuing and Professional Studies: Chapel of De La Salle


Diploma Distribution

Immediately following commencement, students (only) will be asked to report to Smith Auditorium in cap and gown to pick up their diplomas.


After you pick up your diplomas, students please join your guests at the post-commencement reception for all schools.

Announcements in Your Local Newspaper

If you're graduating this year but do not wish to have an announcement sent to your local paper, please email marketing and communication
Please provide your name and indicate whether you are an undergraduate, graduate or have completed the school of continuing and professional studies program. Please notify our office by May 20, 2016.

Taking Photographs During Commencement

Please instruct your guests who will be taking photographs during commencement not to enter the aisles at any time during the academic procession. Also, no one is permitted to enter the student seating area for the taking of photographs or for any other purpose. It is strongly recommended that those who wish to photograph any part of the procession do so outside on Walsh Plaza or behind the seating area. Also, be mindful not to obstruct the view of others when photographs are taken. Students and their guests are most welcome to use all other appropriate areas of the campus for the taking of photographs.