Submission Guidelines for Summer Fellows Program

You will need to submit the following:

  1. Unofficial Transcript
    • ​You will need to submit an unofficial copy of your transcript and demonstrate a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7.  You must also be a full time student matriculated at Manhattan College.
  2. Proposal
    • ​Please follow the guidelines outlined for the proposal below.  Proposals should be 1-3 pages long and should include a description of what you hope to accomplish during the summer fellowship.  Your proposal may have an academic focus on your major or on a research area related to your major or discipline.  It may supplement a study abroad program if there is an independent research project attached to it.  It may focus on Lasallian values to work on humanitarian issues, social justice causes or community work nationally or internationally.  It may also fund an unpaid internship that would make you more competitive to fellowships and graduate school.  However, your proposal does not HAVE to fit into any of these categories.
  3. Faculty Sponsor and Recommendation
    • We would like for you to identify a faculty member that is willing to serve as your faculty sponsor.  They will be required to write a recommendation in support of your proposal.  Please fill out their name and email address in the application, and we will email them with a request for the recommendation.  Your faculty sponsor is not required to be in your discipline, but should be able to advise you throughout the process of your project proposal and throughout the summer as you work to complete your proposal.
  4. Meeting with Center for Graduate School & Fellowship Advisement
    • Please email Rani Roy, Ph.D. to schedule an appointment to discuss the program and the requirements, including the requirement that you apply to a fellowship after the summer project
  5. ​Application Form
    • ​Please fill out the electronic application form and submit your proposal before the application deadline.


Proposal Guidelines

Contact Information Please include your Name, Email Address, Cell Phone Number, and Department.
Faculty Advisor Information Please include your Faculty Sponsor’s Name and Email
Significance & Impact Please explain the impact of your project, creative work, experiential opportunity, research, or proposal.
Goals and Objectives Please give a clear statement of your goals and objectives for this summer proposal.  This statement may be your thesis statement for research, creative project goals, or other goals and objectives.  Please be specific in this section.  What will you accomplish with this fellowship?
Proposal: Project Design, Program of Study, etc. Please provide a short description of how you plan to execute your project, your methods, and your timeline.  Please explain how these methods will support or address you goals and objectives.  Please let us know if your project involves travel and collaborations with other institutions or organizations.
Feasibility Please identify any archives, equipment, materials, contacts, or other resources which you require to complete your project.  If these resources are not available at Manhattan College, explain how you will secure access to them.  
Fellowships & Presentation                             


Please identify at least two major fellowships and/or doctoral programs to which you plan to apply.  There are descriptions of some fellowships in the fellowships database.  Also please identify where you might present this proposal, including conferences or departmental presentations.
Personal Interest and Career Goals     Please explain your interest in this proposal. Also please explain some of your future career goals and how these align with your proposal.  Please identify the knowledge and skills you will acquire by completing this project.