Proposal Guidelines

Please include the following sections (if relevant) in your research proposal.  In addition, you will need to have your proposal signed by your faculty advisor. Please limit your proposal to 3 pages.  Students are expected to write their own proposals and may work with faculty to determine project content and design.  Students should have their faculty research sponsor review their proposals, and may work with them to finalize their submission.  

Contact Information    Please include your Name, Email Address, Cell Phone Number, and Department.
Faculty Advisor Information Please include your Faculty Advisor's Name, Department, and Email Address
Significance    Please explain the impact of your research project both in the context of your academic discipline and to society more generally.  Describe how your proposal fits into the research or literature of your field.
Goals and Objectives Please give a clear statement of your goals and objectives for this work.  This statement may be your thesis statement, research question, hypothesis, or other explanation of your goals and objectives. If the proposed work is part of a larger project (either yours or your research advisor’s), state the specific goals and objectives that will be accomplished during the summer session funded by this program.
Project Design  Please provide a short description of how you plan to execute your project, your research methods, and your timeline.  How will you address the questions involved in your thesis, research question, or hypothesis?  This may include research techniques, theoretical perspectives, data collection and analysis methods, etc.  Please explain how these methods will support or address you goals and objectives. 
Feasibility and Off-Campus Work  Please identify any archives, equipment, materials, contacts, or other resources which you require to complete your project.  If these resources are not available at Manhattan College, explain how you or your faculty mentor will secure access to them.  Also, if you will complete any research away from campus, please identify the dates when you expect to be away, where you will be, and why it is necessary.


Please identify at least one professional conference or publication to which your work might be submitted.  In addition, we expect that all Jasper Research Scholars will make a presentation to the University community at the end of the summer research period and at information sessions for the program during the Spring of 2014.
Personal Interest and Career Goals     Please explain your interest in this research proposal/topic. Also please explain some of your future career goals and how these goals are related to this research project. Please identify the knowledge and skills you will acquire by completing this project.