Please see the CAS calendar of events for dates when these workshops will be offered.

Writing Workshops

The Writing Center hosts a multitude of workshops on the different elements of the writing process - from brainstorming to the final draft. Workshop themes include argumentation, literary analysis, grammar, and the basics of citations (APA and MLA), including how to avoid plagiarism and write bibliographies. All workshops are held in The Learning Center, DLS 206.

Tutor Training

All tutors working in the Center for Academic Success are required to attend a minimum of five Training Workshops per academic year. Workshop topics are part of the Crossroads of Learning Tutor Training Curriculum, and in accordance with the National Tutoring Association standards.

During a tutors time working with the CAS, they have the opportunity to progress through three levels of certification; Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Training workshops ensure all of our tutors are kept current regarding best practices in tutoring. Please see our Tutor Training Curriculum for more information.

Study Skills

Workshops are offered on a monthly basis to assist all students in their quest for academic success. Topics include; time management, effective reading techniques, effective writing techniques and note taking.