Meet the Tutors

Meet the Tutors

Alexandra Riccardi

ImageHello, my name is Alexandra Riccardi. I’m from Long Island and am currently a senior mechanical engineering major, with a minor in mathematics. One of my favorite things to do is math, and I will do my best to help with any math and physics questions. I love reading, drawing and spending time with my friends.

Amanda Fernandes

Hi! My name is Amanda Fernandes. I am a sophomore commuter from Yonkers but I grew up in Portugal. My major is biology with a minor in chemistry. In the future, I hope to go to medical school to become a pediatric endocrinologist so I can help other diabetics like myself. I also aspire to join Doctors without Borders. I tutor chemistry, which is a subject most disliked by students, but one that I love. Please feel welcome to come into the Learning Center and ask questions. 

Betsy Camano

Hello there, my name is Betsy Camano. I am a senior majoring in mathematics and minoring in computer science. For fun I like to take part in karaoke, watch movies, play with children and play sports. My favorite fast food is Chinese food. I am a Bronx native and therefore know my way around the city very well. When it comes to matters in school, I know how frustrating it can be to try to understand concepts in any subject. That is why I try my best to make the learning easy and understandable. 

Baishi Wang

ImageHi everyone, my name is Baishi Wang, which means white stone in Chinese. Yes, I am a no-nonsense kind of person, but generally I am quite amiable, so don’t be scared to book an appointment with me. My personal proverb is: The best skill to learn is the skill of learning. I am more than happy to share my study tips. 

Brian Manning

Hi! My name is Brian Manning and I am a junior civil engineering major. I hail from Levittown, N.Y., and I enjoy watching and playing sports, watching TV and hanging out with friends in just about any kind of environment. I’m a good listener and patient with people. Come with questions and/or concerns and I’ll do whatever I can to help!

Bryan Galligan

My name is Bryan Galligan and I am from Baltimore. I am a junior English major, philosophy minor and Writing Center tutor at Manhattan College. I play music for various music groups on campus as well as at local pubs around Riverdale. Some of my favorite writers are Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, George Saunders and Raymond Carver. My favorite bands include The Felice Brothers, Yuck and The Babies. I like watching television programs about the universe because modern cosmology is mind-blowing. I also think Henri Matisse is pretty great. One day I hope to do something involving writing and music because they are important to me and I enjoy them very much.

Catherine Clark

Hi, I’m Cat and I am a junior art history major from Connecticut. I am minoring in digital media and I love to do anything creative that has to do with the arts. I am also on the school’s tennis team (yes, we actually do have a tennis team). I hope to help other students learn about the art world or any other classes giving them problems. See ya’ll around!

Cathleen Giordano

HI! I'm Cathleen Giordano and I'm a freshman from Brooklyn, NY. I'm a civil engineering major with a minor in mathematics. I love mind games, puzzles, brain teasers, and Rubik's cubes! I'm excited to get involved in the Players, L.O.V.E., and the Mentor Program here at MC. If you ever need help in a class -or you want to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube- don't hesitate to come see me! I'm happy to help!

Clifford Keeling

Hi! My name is Cliff and I am a junior mechanical engineering student with a minor in math.  I’m from Brooklyn and enjoy math and science.  I’m looking forward to tutoring and getting to know more of my fellow students at Manhattan College.  I hope to see you at the tutoring center down in Leo and help in any way that I can!

Colleen Walsh

I am currently a senior Secondary Education major with a concentration in English and a Spanish minor. My dream is to teach abroad before returning to the Bronx and earning a PhD in comparative bilingual literature. I am a second year RA in Jasper Hall (J4W) and student teaching this semester. I love the color green, strategic essay writing, international LOVE trips, Indiana Jones, and musical theater. Come find me at the Writing Center this semester!

Connor Bilchak

Greetings!  My name is Connor Bilchak and I hail from Highland, New York, a small town west of Poughkeepsie I’m currently a senior at MC, majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics and Chemistry. After graduating from Manhattan College, I plan on pursuing a doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in either petroleum or environmental engineering, but my ultimate goal is to someday become a professor. I really love to help students learn, so this is a great stepping stone for me!  I’m primary research interests are water purification and chemical kinetics.  Here at the CAS, I tutor mathematics, chemistry, and some basic engineering courses.  Outside of classes, I enjoy playing ten different instruments and composing my own music, which I’ve been doing since I was 8 yrs old.  I also enjoy running, playing darts, ping-pong, and frisbee.

Diane Luzuriaga

Hi, I am Diana Honasan Luzuriaga. I am a Filipino, born in Michigan, raised in Singapore. I moved to the United States for college and now I live in Jasper Hall. I am a junior biology major with a minor in chemistry and mathematics. I am part of the Beta Beta Beta biology honor society and I was part of Phi Delta Epsilon, the international medical honor society. I love helping others so please don’t feel intimidated to visit the Learning Center. I can help you with biology, chemistry and mathematics.

Fadhel Hamid

Hello, my name is Fadhel Hamid I’m a junior studying civil engineering. I decided to tutor because I enjoy it and because I like to help others the way I have been helped in the past. My favorite things to do are play sports, watch TV, and play puzzles. I’m also bilingual in English and Arabic. I hope I can help.

Gavin Sass

Hi, I’m Gavin Sass and I am a junior English major/Catholic studies minor at MC. I have worked at the Center For Academic Success' Writing Center since January 2013. I love books, music and movies. I love English, writing and reading.

Irene Entringer Garcia-Blanes


Hola, I'm Irene Entringer. I’m from Madrid. I tutor all levels of Spanish, and I also run the Spanish Tables. I’m a Junior at Manhattan College and I’m majoring in international studies with a minor in both economics and French. I enjoy traveling, learning about other cultures, reading and spending time with my friends.

Jennifer Mellett


I am a senior with majors in both Sociology and Spanish. In the past three years, I have participated in Student Government, L.O.V.E., and the Study Abroad Program. I spent the spring 2013 semester in Madrid, and now I am back at MC for my final semester! I am originally from Buffalo, N.Y., but I love the City and all it has to offer. Come find me in the Center, I would love to help

Jordan Bland

ImageMy name is Jordan Bland, and I tutor primarily biological and chemical sciences, as well as calculus. I like playing basketball and tennis, and I enjoy playing guitar. Not only am I a tutor and full-time student, but I am also an RA in East Hill. I am from Texas, but love being at Manhattan College and experiencing life in New York.

Justin Vento

My name is Justin Vento and I am a senior chemical engineering major from Lincroft, N.J. On campus, I enjoy being a member of ISPE and AIChE, as well as playing any and every intramural sport. In my free time, I like to travel, watch movies and television series (i.e Breaking Bad, Mad Men), and follow my favorite sports teams (New Orleans Saints).

Kaitlyn Wilson

ImageHi! My name is Kaitlyn Wilson and I’m from Albany, N.Y. I am a junior studying international studies with a focus on the Middle East, and I am minoring in Arabic. I love languages and traveling and plan on incorporating the two in my future. I enjoy reading, being outside, skiing, going to the beach and eating sushi whenever I have free time. I’m currently studying abroad in Spain.

Katelyn Connor


My name is Katelyn, and I am a senior English and Psychology major. This is my 5th semester as a writing tutor, and I love words even more than I did when I started. Outside of the Writing Center, I am an RA in Overlook, Chief Justice of Student Court, and President of MC Singers. I also work for a publishing company and write for a romance website. So, if you need something edited- from love letters to medieval literature papers- you’ve come to the right redhead!

Kathleen White

ImageHi I’m Kathleen White and I am currently a junior studying history and peace studies. I hope to use my knowledge gained from this double major to one day be a researcher for a nonprofit organization. I am originally from New Jersey and grew up in a small beach town called Keansburg. Here at Manhattan College I am an active member of the JustPeace club, which is a campus group that is passionate about various social issues such as fair trade, war and peace, human rights, etc. I am very interested in nonprofit work and a major supporter of organizations such as Falling Whistles, TOMS, LiNK, and Invisible Children, which all help people in need globally. Aside from JustPeace I am also involved with the Lasallian Outreach Volunteer Experience (L.O.V.E) here at Manhattan, which promotes social justice by sponsoring student trips to various locations to preform service work. I love to work with other people and I am very excited about working with the Center for Academic Success.

Kelly Paulémon

Hi! My name is Kelly Paulémon. I am a sophomore student, planning to major in business administration, with a minor in either finance or marketing. I enjoy running, swimming, reading and traveling  especially back to my home country of Haiti! This will be my second semester working at the Writing Center.

Kelly Cousins

Hello. My name is Kelly Cousins, and I am from upstate New York between Albany and Saratoga. I am a junior this year, double majoring in sociology and peace studies. I find tutoring thoroughly enjoyable, because nothing feels better to me than helping someone learn more about themselves and their writing. My primary goal is to keep tutoring appointments comfortable; I believe that under these conditions students will be able to get the most out of their tutoring sessions.

Kimsy Tor

Hi! I’m Kimsy, an international student from Cambodia. I am a sophomore math major but I am really open to all kinds of knowledge. Since I came to the United States two years ago, I have changed the way I think about the world and my country. Having friends with diverse backgrounds helps me understand their cultures, religions and languages. I enjoy doing stained glass, photography, Tae Kwon Do, puzzles, and there is much more that I intend to learn. My philosophy is learning by teaching, so I will try my best to teach and to learn from you.

Lindsey Pamlanye

Hi! I’m Lindsey Pamlanye, proudly from Long Island, N.Y. I’m currently a sophomore studying secondary education in English with a minor in religious studies, because when I grow up I want to teach both English and religion, as well as be a campus minister. Please come find me in the Writing Center! I feel extremely passionate about helping people write papers that they can be proud to hand in. I like Double Stuffed Oreos, reading, getting great concert tickets for not a lot of money, Netflix and borrowing CDs from my public library to import into my iTunes. On campus I am secretary of Lasallian Collegians, a CRS campus ambassador, a School of Education and Health representative in Student Government, a sacristan, and most importantly, a Writing Center tutor really excited to help you write a paper you’re going to want to hang on your fridge.

Maria Sanzari


My name is Maria Sanzari and I am a senior here at Manhattan College. This is my third year working as a tutor in the writing center. My major is Elementary and Special Education with a concentration in English. I am the co-president of Kappa Delta Pi the Education International Honor Society here on campus. I am also a member of the Women's Soccer team and I am a goal keeper. I am from North Haven, Connecticut and am one of five children! I look forward to working with everyone this year in the Writing Center!

Matthew Packowski

Hey Jaspers! I’m Matthew Packowski, a junior electrical engineering major at our beloved Manhattan College. When I’m not busy doing boring tasks like studying and homework, I like to work with you all and your writing! So come pick my brain at the Leo Center if you have a question about that ugly paper that’s due in three hours or even if you want to share that piece you wrote on the bus this morning!

Melissa Worthington

Hi! My name is Melissa Worthington, and I am a sophomore from South Jersey. I’m majoring in accounting and minoring in English. I have been an office assistant as well as a math tutor within the Center of Academic Success. This semester I will be an English tutor and an SI for Math 153. I became a grammarian after spending my junior high years with a very scary, old nun, and I am happy to pass on what I know. When I am not studying English, creating costumes for Players and singing in the shower, this is how I occupy my time.

Michael Gallarello

Hi, I’m Michael Gallarello and I’m a senior. I’m from the Bronx and have since located to the Poconos. I’m an English major with a double minor in government and religious studies. My specialty is English and I’d love to help with any part of the writing process, from brainstorming to revisions. When I’m not working or in school, I’m usually either listening to music, watching the Rangers or Giants, at the gym or journeying around Riverdale in search of food.

Michael Madden

I am currently a junior at Manhattan College double-majoring in mechanical engineering and French. It may seem like an odd combination but don’t worry, it doesn’t always make sense to me either. Some of my favorite things are playing guitar, classic rock, good food, and bad movies. If you need help with math and science, I’d love to help out! Just come find me down in the Leo Learning Center.

Murtahin Billah

Hello, I’m Murtahin Billah, currently a senior studying electrical engineering. I mentor/tutor students who require help in several academic fields. I like to build confidence and sharpness with the knowledge you possess. I like making things easy, and always try to find easy solutions to hard problems. I believe education is a privilege, an opportunity, and that we should explore this adventure in the most intelligent manner. 

Rebecca Bertuccio

Hello, my name is Rebecca Bertuccio. I am a junior from Long Island and currently study psychology, Spanish and English. I love to read, write, travel and spend time with my family and friends.

Samantha Ortiz


My name is Samantha Ortiz and I am a senior at Manhattan College currently majoring in both English and French. This will be my third year working at the Writing Center and I could not be happier to be back on board. I love writing and I love talking about writing. I can be found working at the Writing Center most days and I am more than happy to help you in any way that I can. When not working, I like running, reading, and being constantly busy. Hope to see you soon!

Sean Scarisbrick

Hey everyone, I’m Sean Scarisbrick. My hometown is the exotic Massapequa, Long Island, and I’m currently a sophomore. I am majoring in history and minoring in English and Arabic. When not reading or writing, I enjoy indie music, gyros and my fisheye camera. I look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center! 

Taylor Purcell

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Purcell. I’m currently a sophomore studying marketing with a minor in communication. At the moment, I am obsessed with Game of Thrones and a full-time advocate of reading for fun. You can find me at the Writing Center, so pop in and say hello! 

Thomas Engelhart

ImageI am a senior from Merrick, Long Island. I am a history major with a minor in English (and amateur psychology). I have been literate for the better part of the last decade. I like motion pictures, blue jeans and historical fiction, but dislike horror, bad grammar and nuclear proliferation. In addition to working at the Writing Center, I am an SI fellow for History 150. I perform improv comedy with MC’s own improv troupe, Scatterbomb, and attend MC Film Society events. I have also written for Manhattan Magazine and am a proud member of the Manhattan College Debate Team, so if you wish to quarrel with me, it will occur on the battlefield of wit and reason. This semester some fellow students and I will be embarking on the creation of a student-run academic journal for the liberal arts called Logos. I love reading, writing and talking, so come to me with your papers. 

Walaa Abdallah

Hello! My name is Walaa Abdallah and I am from Yonkers, N.Y. I am a senior chemical engineering student with a minor in chemistry and am expected to graduate this May. So exciting! However, I plan on staying at Manhattan College for another year to attain my master's degree. My interests include shopping, watching dubbed television shows, reading and yoga.