Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Faculty Partnership in Supplemental Instruction Program 

The role the faculty play in the success of students is critical as we examine a team approach to producing positive learning outcomes for students who participate in SI sessions. In order to maximize the effects of the program, we ask the following of partnering faculty:

  • Allow the SI fellow to make brief periodic announcements
  • Regularly meet with the SI fellow to provide mentorship, support, and coaching to guide the structure of the SI sessions
  • Provide course materials for SI fellow
  • Provide feedback to the CAS director in the form of occasional surveys

Supplemental Instruction Faculty Manual 

Academic Early Alert

The Manhattan College Academic Early Alert program is a collaborative, college-wide effort to identify and support students who exhibit difficulties with the academic rigor at the college level. During the fourth week of the semester, faculty are encouraged to submit "early alerts" on any student who may be in danger of failing. 

Reasons for alerts include excessive absences, difficulties with assignments, or writing concerns. Early alerts are not midterm grades. The goal of the alert is to identify students who are in need of academic intervention services before the mid-term mark. The Center for Academic Success feels strongly that the sooner a student is identified as being in need of support, the better of a chance the student has of returning to good academic standing.

To submit an academic early alert, log into Self-Service and click on the Early Alert tab. 

Student Code of Conduct - Academic Integrity 

As per the policy on academic integrity, warnings should be copied to the Writing Center Coordinator, sujey.batista@manhattan.edu and the student should be required to attend the next monthly Plagiarism and Citation Workshop offered by the Writing Center. All workshop dates are posted on the CAS Calendar.