Meet a Marketing Major


Getanjali Morel ’14

Extra-curricular activities: 

  • Marketing Club
  • American Marketing Association
  • School of Business Passport Program
  • Commuter Affairs

Why did you choose your major? 

I chose marketing as my major because I have always been interested in analyzing how the market works, how to make products better, and reach out to consumers in order to deliver a successful product. Marketing is far from number crunching and steady formulas. I like the idea of having to think outside of the box, keeping up with the evolving times, and solving challenging problems creatively.

What has been your favorite class? 

My favorite class has been the marketing 414 seminar class because I was able to study abroad in Paris France for 10 days. It was a great experience that allowed me to experience a new culture and compare marketing strategies with a culture other than the U.S. Being able to experience the French culture first hand was a very rewarding experience. It helped me understand international differences in terms of business strategies and marketing.

Have you done any internships?

In the summer of 2010, I was able to intern at NCR corp. before entering Manahttan College as a freshman. I am grateful for that opportunity because it reassured me that marketing was the correct major for me. During the internship I was a marketing research intern for the hospitality department of the company. I learned how to use databases and excel to organize my researched information on hotels and potential clients that might have wanted to buy the NCR kiosk (self service machines). It was a great opportunity and I was able to present my researched information to the board of directors and get enriching feedback on my findings.

What are your plans after graduation?

I hope to become a junior analyst or a position in the marketing research field.

What are the faculty like?

I would say that they are knowledgeable, kind and helpful. Many of them are passionate about what they are doing. They have gained a lot of experience in their fields which they now share with us. 

What’s your favorite thing about this major?

Being able to work with other students who have the same passion. Group projects have shown me how to collaborate with others and how to arrive not only to the right, but the best solution for problems by working with others and trusting other opinions rather than just your own.

What’s the most difficult thing about this major?

The most difficult thing about marketing for me has been being able to deliver and become a better speaker. It's not just doing the research and solving the problem, but learning to deliver it in a professional presentation for others to comprehend. Being shy and soft spoken has limit my potential, but through the great professors and peers I have become a better speaker and my confidence level has grown since being a freshman.

What advice would you give to new students trying to select a major?

My advice would be to be patient with yourself. There are times when having to chose a major can become overwhelming, but it is a decision that only you can make and when that one class that interests a spark comes along you will know which is the right major for you. Also, if you find something that you love to do, no matter how difficult it may become at times those are the experiences that will make a difference later on and make you the individual right for that career, so don't give up.