Cocurricular Activities

Students can explore the world of business while participating in cocurricular clubs and activities. These clubs give students an opportunity to work with professors outside the classroom while learning more about their majors and the many ways their majors will be used on a daily basis. Many of the clubs sponsor events and lectures during the year, bringing the business world to the campus in Riverdale. Students also have an opportunity to network with members of their field, many of them Manhattan College alumni, and explore their majors in more depth. Talk to your advisor about how to get involved.

Accounting Society

The Accounting Society promotes worldwide excellence in accounting education. It is for all accounting majors looking to improve professionalism and networking skills.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary organization for accounting, finance, and computer information system students and professionals. This society provides opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.

Economics and Finance Society

The Economics and Finance Society further educates students on the nuances of finance and contemporary economic issues and concepts. The club offers extracurricular opportunities such as guest speakers, trips, workshops, and media-sharing in effort to enhance members’ knowledge of the financial sector and the economy, and potentially provide networking opportunities for those seeking to enter these fields.     

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club educates, connects, and engages students interested in entrepreneurship and business through guest lectures, hands on events, workshops, and club meetings.

Jasper Investment Club

The Jasper Investment Club helps undergraduates gain out-of-class experience by facilitating interaction between faculty, alumni, students, and professionals in the workforce. Our goal is to help students gain knowledge in security analysis and portfolio management. Jasper Investors have an official investment portfolio, which is managed to earn a positive rate of return, while taking necessary precautions to changing markets. This club teaches investment knowledge, but also is built to be aligned with where the industry is heading to prepare students for future demand trends.

Management Club 

The Management Club helps to further educate students on the nuances of management and develop a better understanding of how different management styles and techniques apply to real-world situations. The club hosts meetings, guest-speaker events, and panels in which students, faculty, alumni, and professionals in the workforce can gather and exchange knowledge on their experience as managers and the issues they are confronted with while leading others. The club also provides members a network through which they can connect with alumni and potential employers. The overall aim of the club is to increase communication between students, faculty, and professionals in the management field. 

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club allows students to develop a better understanding and appreciation of marketing and enhance their knowledge of marketing theory while developing a more exact knowledge of marketing principles. The club hosts meetings, invites distinguished guest speakers, and participates in fundraising events and contests. The Marketing Club is also proudly affiliated with the American Marketing Association (AMA). The goal is to make marketing the vehicle that brings our campus and business community together to promote friendly and professional relations among students, faculty, and the business community.