Requirements & Courses

Only students majoring in another School of Business discipline can take the business analytics co-major. Every student takes a required gateway course that is dependent on their major. In addition to the gateway course, four additional courses are required for the business analytics co-major:

BUAN 310  
Business Data Management
Introduces the principles and techniques that are used to manage and extract information from data resources. Topics include relational databases, data modeling, database design and administration, database security, transactions, XML, distributed databases and SQL programming. (Cross listed as CIS 310)
BUAN 327  
Advanced Business Statistics
Topics include regression analysis, time series forecasting, ANOVA and design of experiments.
BUAN 410  
Data Mining for Business Intelligence
An introduction to the techniques that assist us in finding patterns in large data sets. Topics include decision trees and model evaluation, classifiers, association analysis, cluster analysis and anomaly detection.
BUAN 427  
Analytical Decision Making
A study of quantitative models for decision-making within business. The course introduces fundamentals analytical techniques in various areas of management science.