Peace Studies

Program Overview

Peace studies is an academic field that allows students to consider problems of war, injustice, genocide and violence with an eye toward finding solutions. Peace studies at Manhattan College is an interdisciplinary academic program that examines the following areas:

  • Arms races and war
  • Economic, political and social justice
  • Conflict creation, management and resolution
  • Nonviolent philosophies and strategies of resistance
  • World community and world government

The courses are taught by faculty members from 14 disciplines and several schools of the College. Faculty are drawn from the social sciences, the humanities, business, and the natural and applied sciences. Central to our concept of peace studies is the notion of justice. We recognize a difference between "negative peace," the absence of open hostilities, and "positive peace," a situation of just and harmonious relations between individuals and/or peoples. We cannot achieve true peace, positive peace, without justice.

Majors may also choose to concentrate in the areas of peace studies and the Americas or economic and environmental justice.

Manhattan College has one of the oldest peace studies programs in the United States. The first course was offered in 1966, and the major was established in 1971. Our location in New York City offers numerous opportunities for internships and participation in peace and justice activism.

If you are interested in studying issues related to peace, conflict and war, human rights and social justice, peace studies may be the major for you.