Meet a Theater Minor


Olivia Blasi ’15

Extra-curricular activities: 

  • The Manhattan College Players
  • Phi Delta Epsilon (medical honor society)
  • The Arches mentoring program
  • Lasallian Collegians

Why did you choose your minor? 

I’ve been involved with theater since I was seven, including participating in the Performing Arts Institute at my high school. Looking for a college with a good theater program wasn’t on my list of priorities because I didn't plan to study theater in college, but I began to miss acting and just being a member of the Manhattan College Players wasn’t cutting it! So as soon as I heard they were starting a theater minor at MC, I jumped at the chance to declare it my minor.

What has been your favorite class? 

My favorite class so far has been the Intro to Acting course. Besides having a great instructor, it was a fun and relaxing environment to learn in. It also gave us a chance not only to learn about acting, but we also got to direct our own scenes and design the sets for those scenes.

What are your plans after graduation?

I hope to be accepted into medical school after graduation, and from there I want to become a surgeon. I know it may seem a little odd to have a theater minor, but want to be a surgeon. Theater provides a great way to strengthen communication skills, which everyone needs, no matter what they want as a career!

Have any professors particularly impacted you?

Dr. Pottinger has had a big impact. He really helped guide me with which classes I should take.

What advice would you give to new students trying to select a minor?

Don’t think that you need to have a major or minor as soon as you begin your college career. In college you need to learn more about yourself and that will help you realize what you’re supposed to do with your life. You don’t need it all figured out right away. Definitely talk to your advisers and professors — they can help you figure it out!

What’s your favorite thing about this minor?

My favorite thing about my minor is that many of the classes overlap with the classes I need for my English major. It gives my schedule more flexibility so that I can take classes that I enjoy that may not be relevant to my major or minor.

What’s the most difficult thing about this minor?

With the classes in the theater minor, you’re probably going to have to work with a few people on projects. You might have to work with five or more people for your scene project. It can be kind of difficult to work with so many creative minds at once for a two-minute skit!