Meet a Music Minor


Pamela Segura ’14

Extra-curricular activities: 

  • Features Editor for the The Quadrangle student newspaper

Why did you choose your minor? 

I grew up listening to countless different artists, ranging from blues guitarists to pop vocalists. Consequently, I have always felt an intricate connection to music. At Manhattan College, I took the Music Roots course required for all students in the School of Arts. I became deeply interested in the history of music as well as the evolving practices of composition and performance. This led me to declare a minor in music studies.

What has been your favorite class? 

All the classes offered in the music minor have been interesting and engaging! However, my favorite one was Music and the Avant-Garde, a higher-level course taught by Dr. Pottinger. The class really uncovered so many different aspects of the music experience for me. After that class, I began to engage with music on a deeper level. Also, I was really surprised by the correlation between this course and the other classes in my English major.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m interested in any form of writing. I aim to combine my love of music (both as a guitarist and student) and literature. Regarding a specific professional direction, I plan to pursue a journalistic career as well as graduate studies.

Have any professors particularly impacted you?

Dr. Mark Pottinger has really impacted my perspective on music. Through his class, I’ve learned to place music under the same analytical perspective as other art forms. Moreover, I’ve developed new musical/academic passions through the Music and the Avant-Garde course.

What’s your favorite thing about this minor?

Definitely discussing music and meeting other fans of music. I grew up listening to records and playing the guitar. Therefore, this minor provides a space for me to grow academically while also building upon one of my favorite activities!

What’s the most difficult thing about this minor?

The most difficult thing about my minor was separating myself as a student of music and a fan of music. As the latter, I listen primarily to different genres of rock, blues and jazz music. As the former, I have to objectively consider both my favorite genres as well as other forms of music, including classical, Romantic and modern music.

What advice would you give to new students trying to select a minor?

The classes I have taken in the music studies program continue to help me envision my future. Through this minor, I’ve learned that I can take a lifelong love of mine and turn it into a viable career.