Meet an Economics Major


Fabia Mamoon ’15

Extra-curricular activities: 

  • International Student Association

Why did you choose your major? 

Economics is a major that will never go out of demand; the demand for it exists as long as economies exist! Economics is just not a subject, it is a way of thinking. This area of study will prepare me with the tools and experiences necessary to eventually work on strengthening the economies in various nations, specifically developing nations.

What has been your favorite class? 

Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 302) with Dr. Gwendolyn Tedeschi was absolutely amazing. Though it was one of the toughest classes I have taken in college so far, every time I left the class I felt empowered and more confident about my skills. It assured me that this is what I want to do in the future.

What are your plans after graduation?

Usually individuals who study economics have a wide range of prospective careers that they can choose from once they graduate. However, as someone who comes from a developing nation like Bangladesh, the significance of development strikes me on a daily basis. For that reason I want to work towards the development of nations similar to Bangladesh and help secure their infrastructure, as well as raise their overall standard of living. The career of my dreams would be working with organizations such as the World Bank or any branch of the United Nations where I could make a significant impact.

What are the faculty like?

Faculty members in this department are a blend of strictness, helpfulness and friendliness at the same time. They are usually strict when it comes to attendance and assignments. They’re always willing to help students and they sometimes even reply to emails at odd hours to help with assignment solutions. Moreover, sometimes you can expect sudden jokes that will give you a kick start for the rest of the day.

What’s your favorite thing about this major?

My favorite thing about my major is the fact that every time I walk out of an economics class I feel more globally connected. I feel I am more informed about how different economies work and how humans in general function within the economy than I did before I entered the classroom.

What’s the most difficult thing about this major?

This major is challenging because I personally try to seize all the information that is discussed in the classroom; I feel like I am not just competing against the students in the classroom but against all the economics majors worldwide. I believe that learning is way more important than competing, but still, economics is about competition so technically I am just being an economist when I think about my competition.

What advice would you give to new students trying to select a major?

If you want to major in something that will help you understand the world and how it functions, economics is the major for you. A lot of questions and difficulties that nations face revolve around the economy, so by majoring in economics you can become part of the solution. When the economy is stable, the global community is stable. Expect to think critically and work hard, but for a cause! In this major you will be analyzing many different scenarios related to the functions of firms and governments. Sometimes the solution is right in front of you, but you will need to think critically in all cases. Also, expect difficult, yet interesting, mathematics in 300-level courses. No matter what, do not let the struggles and frustrations of assignments or exams steer you away from your goals. In the long run you will feel accomplished for choosing economics as your major.