First-Year Seminars

First-year students in the School of Arts must take two of their core courses (one in fall semester and one in spring semester) as First-Year Seminars.  These seminars are small, writing-intensive classes that provide students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty, actively discuss issues and texts in depth, and improve their critical thinking and writing skills.

The following seminars will be offered during spring semester 2015:

  • ART 151: Roots of the Modern World: Art 
  • ENGL 151: The Literature of City Life
  • ENGL 151: Wonders of Science
  • ENGL 151: Act like a Lady: Performing Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth Century Drama and Literature
  • GOVT 151: Power and Participation
  • HIST 151: Nationalism and Empire
  • LLRN 151: Ancient Greek Civilization: Classical Origins, Modern Retellings
  • PHIL 151: Philosophy and Literature
  • PHIL 151: Self and World
  • PSYC 151 : The Age of Empathy
  • RELS 151: Clothing as a Window into Understanding Religion
  • SOC 151: Unmasking the Structure of Power
  • SOC 151: The Sociology of Sight and Sound

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