Lasallian Education Committee

The Lasallian Education Committee serves to promote the Lasallian educational spirit on campus. The LEC was formed in 1992 as a way to better integrate the Brother’s community and the ideals of Lasallian education into campus life. The committee is comprised of the College’s Brothers and the past recipients of the Distinguished Lasallian Award, an honor given to a faculty member, staff member and administrative employee each year for doing outstanding work that exemplifies Lasallian ideals. The committee sponsors the Lasallian Convocation each year, oversees the selection and awarding of the Distinguished Lasallian Educator, Staff and Administrative Personnel awards and is involved in other Lasallian initiatives on campus.


Br. Jack Curran, Fall 2013-present

Committee members

  • Faraj Abdulahad
  • Br. Charles Barbush
  • Br. Robert Berger
  • Grace Cabrera
  • Christina Cardinale 
  • Richard Cardinale
  • Daniel Carpenito
  • Nancy Cave
  • Ann Clohessy
  • Vicki Cowan
  • Patricia Crimmins
  • Debra Damico
  • Winsome Downie
  • Rosemary Farley
  • Joan Harnett
  • Lois Harr
  • Rentaro Hashimoto
  • Br. Patrick Horner
  • Moujalli Hourani
  • Lisa Juncaj
  • Elizabeth Kosky
  • Shawn Ladda
  • Br. Leslie Luker
  • Alfred Manduley
  • Peter McCarthy
  • Brigid McCausland
  • Eileen McIntyre
  • Peggy McKiernan
  • Br. Raymond Meagher
  • Janice Melino
  • William Merriman
  • Karen Nicholson
  • Br. Augustine Nicoletti
  • Lisa Rizopoulos
  • Walter Saukin
  • Thomas Smith
  • Patricia Stone
  • Angie Thrapsimis
  • Patrice Tiffany
  • Br. David Trichtinger
  • Graham Walker
  • Br. James Wallace
  • Nonie Wanger
  • John Wasacz
  • John Wilcox