Distinguished Lasallian Awards

Each year, a faculty member, a staff member and an administrative employee are presented with a Distinguished Lasallian Award for embodying the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle and advancing the Lasallian mission of the College through their work.

Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award Recipients

1987-88 Dr. Francis B. Taylor
1988-89 Rev. Anthony L. Rubsys
1989-90 Dr. Robert V. Thomann
1990-91 Dr. J. Carl Bennett
1991-92 Dr. William Patrick Cain
1992-93 Dr. Mary Ann Groves
1993-94 Br. Robert C. Berger
1994-95 Dr. Elizabeth M. Kosky
1995-96 Dr. Thomas J. Smith
1996-97 Dr. John R. Wilcox
1997-98 Dr. Nevart E. Wanger
1998-99 Dr. Faraj Abulahad
1999-2000 Dr. Walker Saukin
2000-01 Dr. William Merriman
2001-02 Dr. Rosemary Carroll Farley
2002-03* Dr. Karen Nicholson
Dr. Zella Kahn-Jetter
Professor Alfred Manduley
Dr. William Tramontano
Dr. Winsome Downie 
2003-04 Dr. Lydia Panaro
2004-05 Dr. Moujalli Hourani
2005-06 Dr. Rentaro Hashimoto
2006-07 Dr. Graham Walker
2007-08 Dr. Shawn Ladda
2008-09 Sr. Joan Hartnett, O.P., Ph.D.
2009-10 Dr. Michael McCausland
2010-11 Dr. Patrice Tiffany 
2011-12 Dr. John Wasacz, Ph.D.
2012-13 Dr. Lisa Rizopoulos, Ph.D.

* An educator from each of the College’s five schools was selected for the 2002-03 academic year in celebration of the College’s sesquicentennial anniversary (150 year).


Distinguished Lasallian Staff Member Award Recipients

2003-04 Kathleen Hennessy
2004-05 Nancy Cave, Marie Latino
2005-06 Brigid McCausland
2006-07 Ann Clohessy, Janice Melino
2007-08 Grace Cabrera
2008-09 Angelo Pinto
2009-10 Patricia Crimmins
2010-11 Daniel Carpenito
2011-12 Patricia Stone
2012-13 Peggy McKiernan


Distinguished Lasallian Administrative Personnel Award Recipients

For the first time in 2007-08, a distinction was made between staff members and administrative personnel in the selection of award recipients.

2007-08 Vicki Cowan
2008-09 Lisa Juncaj
2009-10 Debra Damico
2010-11 Lois Harr
2011-12 Richard Cardinale
2012-13 Christina Cardinale


Distinguished Lasallian Student Award Recipients

For the first time in 2011-12, a student was selected and presented the award during De La Salle Week.

2011-12 Jennifer Lyn Adarna
2012-13 Robert Fiore