Br. James Wallace, FSC

Br. James Wallace, FSC

Vice President-Office of Mission

Br. James was born in Addison, NY and raised in Syracuse, NY. He came to Manhattan College in 1990 where he remained until 1996. He then returned to the college in 2010 where he is still an active member of the campus community. Jogging, travel, and politics are among his hobbies.

Educational Background:

  • Ed. E-Teaching and Curriculum, Syracuse University 1990
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies-Reading Education, Syracuse University 1979
  • Anthropology, Syracuse University 1971-75
  • M.S.-Guidance and Counseling, Canisius College 1964
  • B.A.- American History, Catholic University 1960

Areas of Expertise:
Teaching and Curriculum

On Becoming a Brother:
I knew I wanted to become a Christian Brother my sophomore year of high school. I did some outreach work in a home for abandoned children and coached a Little League team. Br. Patrick Gardner, the vocation director of the New York District of the Brothers, was a good friend of mine and my parents. 

Are there other Christian Brothers at the College who have been particularly inspirational to you?
Br. Francis Bowers was a teacher of mine at Catholic University, and Br. George Berrian was a mentor when I joined the faculty of Manhattan College.

What other places have you been assigned to as a Brother?

  • Lwanga District of the De La Salle Brothers-Africa
  • La Salle College-Johannesburg, South Africa
  • St. Brendan's Secondary School-Dwars River, South Africa
  • Christ the Teacher College-Nairobi, Kenya
  • Syracuse University-Syracuse, NY
  • St. Joseph's School-Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • La Salle Institute-Troy, NY
  • Christian Brothers Academy-Syracuse, NY
  • St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute-Buffalo, NY

Of all the places you have been assigned, which one has had the most impact on your life as a Brother?
St. Joseph School, Addis Ababa. It brought home to me  very clearly the intense grief of parents who are unable to find a school for their son or daughter. Despite class sizes of 55 or 60, large numbers of students just could not be acommodated. Recently the Brothers opened a second school is Addis Ababa, the fifth in the country of Ethiopia.