College Calendar Tutorials

Adding & Editing Events

How to Submit Events [+]

How to Submit Events

Watch a video tutorial:


How to Edit Your Submitted Events [+]

Note: You can only edit events that you have submitted.

How to Edit Approved Events 

How to Edit Pending Events 


How to Add a Flyer or Document to Your Event [+]


Adding Events to Your Google Calendar

How to Add a Single Event to Your Google Calendar [+]


How to View the Calendar as a Grid in Your Google Calendar [+]


How to Add a Category of Events to Your Google Calendar [+]


Calendar Overview

Calendar Overview [+]


Searching & Sorting Events[+]


Event Email Newsletters[+]

Once your event is added to the online calendar it will be included in the Today at Manhattan events email (see example), which is sent out to all students and employees at 9am each day. A This Week at Manhattan email will be sent out on Sunday to highlight the big events coming up that week.

  • Any last minute edits to your events must be made 24 hours in advance in order to be reflected in the email (e.g. email goes out at 9am on Wednesday, you must have any last edits to your event submitted by 9am on Tuesday)
  • You can request an RSVP or deadline reminder in the Today at Manhattan email here:
  • You do not need to make separate myMC portal announcements to promote your event since it will already be promoted via email. Events added to the online calendar are also promoted via digital signage on campus, the website, the myMC portal and a mobile app. 
  • If you want to, you can make 1 save-the-date announcement in the myMC portal to give people advanced notice of your event. See this Campus Communications page for more information.

Please contact Annie Chambliss ( or 718-862-7235) with any questions regarding the college calendar.