Strategic Plan

Strategic Vision for Phase II: 2015-2020

Manhattan College will be widely recognized for excellence in providing a distinctively engaging educational experience grounded in its Catholic and Lasallian commitment to education as both a search for wisdom and a means to contribute to the greater good of the human family. The College will enhance and expand its reputation for excellence chiefly by building on its core strengths: its Lasallian Catholic heritage, its location as a residential campus in New York City, and its ability to offer, in a medium-sized and person-centered college setting, an extraordinarily broad range of disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and co-curricular opportunities.

Strategic Plan Core Goals

  1. A Distinctive Learning Heritage: We will advance learning by ensuring the vitality and visibility of our distinctive core identity as Catholic and Lasallian throughout the College.
  2. A Distinctive Learning Environment: We will advance learning by fostering student engagement and integrated learning through our distinctive environment on campus, in New York City, and with our international networks.
  3. A Distinctive Learning Dynamic: We will advance learning through the distinctive dynamic of our integration of liberal arts and professional disciplines throughout the College.

Download a PDF of the strategic plan.