Purchasing at Manhattan College is managed through our UniMarket e-procurement system as a standard purchase order development program. Unimarket is integrated with our Banner Finance system to maintain budget requirements and encumbrances.

Designated Manhattan College staff and administrators have authority to make purchases through the external suppliers with premier websites, hosted catalogs and registered company profiles within Unimarket.

Banner and Unimarket Account Setup

For more information and details feel free to contact the Assistant Director of Purchasing & Operations at extension 7361 or the Business Office extension 7456.

Vendor Selection

Vendor selection can be researched through several methods and resources.

  • The department head/faculty requesting the purchase has researched optimal suppliers based on the type of product, specifications etc. and their research for best supplier must include best pricing. At least 2-3 quotations should be obtained for orders over $1000. In particular when using capital funds.
  • Asst. Director of Purchasing (ADP) provides source(s) upon request. Various vendors are affiliated with the college and are registered suppliers. Based on the product, multiple sources can be provided with consideration of favorable pricing, multiple quotations, use of cooperative contracts, or other forms of recommendation.
  • RFQ through Unimarket is submitted by Requestor directly to various premier sources that carry the negotiated product and then requestor can select the best offer and proceed to checkout, for a purchase order.

Evaluation is not only based on price but sometimes on other factors, i.e.: delivery terms, service and warranty provisions, rebate programs, contract agreements.

Purchase Order/Unimarket

Purchasing goods and services require a purchase order be created in Unimarket to verify department approval, encumbrance of expense and final payment of invoice.  

  • Unimarket is the campus e-procurement system. It provides access to premier vendor websites, hosted catalogs and non-catalog order forms to compose a purchase requisition. Pricing agreements are pre-determined with the supplier and uploaded into personalized websites for Manhattan College users only.  New vendors are able to be uploaded and invited to register and provide their company/tax profiles. All orders are sent electronically to hosted cxml services or company email address.
  • RFQ: REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. This feature in Unimarket, allows for the user to communicate with several premier vendors at one time. All merchandise to be solicited for best pricing by creating a request for quotation, allowing several premier vendors to bid on the product and then selecting the winning bid to cart, checkout and formation of a requisition. That requisition created by the user is then approved by the dept. budget manager and moves through the approval process based on the total dollar amount, until it is final approved by Purchasing (ADP, Director and/or CFO). The purchase order number is assigned and emailed to the vendor.


A purchase order may only be done through Banner when based on isolated situations discussed with and approved by the ADP, in advance.  

  • On the Banner system, the dept. user will fill out a purchase requisition form, submits approved documentation of the goods/services to the ADP, such as quotations, contracts, etc. Through ADP the requisition is assigned a Purchase order number, and forwarded to the vendor. The ADP verifies that the department has selected the best vendor based on pre-negotiated contracts, NY state contracts, or cooperative purchasing contracts available to the school (E and I, Provista, US Communities, or Premier.)

Account Codes

The code sheet is available from Controllers office and ADP. These 4 digit codes are designed to coordinate with the budget created by the department. They refer to the type of purchase, expense or service you are ordering from any given vendor. The adherence to using the proper code per line item reinforces the validity of the fiscal year budget expenditures and assist in the development and preparation of future fiscal year budgets.

Departments are allocated certain amounts for expenditures during the year.  The requesting department will fill out a purchase requisition online indicating the proper expense coding. When a purchase request is entered into the Banner system or Unimarket and a purchase order is generated, the amount of the purchase is encumbered against the dept's budget, meaning the funds are deducted from the amount available in the dept's budget unless the PO is cancelled.  The systems will alert the requestor if they attempt to enter a purchase order that is over budget. If it is determined the ACCOUNT code is overspent but the entire budget can support the expense, the user will continue to order on the same ACCOUNT code.  Do not change the account code because of an overspent line. However if the entire budget is at risk of being overextending the dept. should contact the Controller’s office to discuss their options regarding the purchase of goods/services.

Receipt of Goods

Most goods are received through the mailroom.  The ordering department is responsible for verifying the proper amount was received and is in good working order. They are to check that the invoice amount matches the agreed upon price on the purchase order. Any damaged, missing goods or incorrect invoicing should be communicated directly by the dept. to the vendor.

Invoice Payment

  • All purchase orders created in either Unimarket or Banner are paid from the PO. Accounts Payable uses the Banner system to upload the PO number and prepare the payment to the vendor from the information you provided on the original order, and signed invoice.
  • DO NOT use a check request to pay a purchase order invoice. Look up the purchase order number if it is not listed by the vendor on their invoice and enter it for controller’s office- circle the number too.
  • The head of the ordering dept. is required to sign the invoice, once the goods are deemed valid and received.  The invoice is then forwarded to the Controller’s office for review of the expense account charged and entry into the A/P system for payment.
  • Invoices are reviewed by the Controller to ensure the transactions are properly classified

Unimarket/Banner Integration

  • Unimarket is our new collaborative online procurement through electronic online software. All required data imported into Unimarket has been exported from our Banner system. In addition, all purchase orders processed through Unimarket are imported into the Banner accounting and purchasing records. Purchases may be viewed, updated, corrected through Banner and processed for payment. Most adjustments are made in collaboration with the Accounts Payable staff and ADP.
  •  Orders to LITE Suppliers- these companies do not have their catalog information uploaded for review in Unimarket. A requisition is prepared by selecting the vendor and creates a manual order.  In advance, the requestor must have the following information to enter into the blank fields on the screen. They include the vendor part number, make/model, manufacturer number (in some cases) unit of measure, quantity and accurate price. It is recommended that the dept. obtain a price quote in advance to receive proper pricing information, discounts on volume, etc. before placing a non catalog order. Also discuss the shipping cost and any special requirements for deliveries, i.e.: loading docks, inside delivery to installation. Include this as a separate line item on the requisition. Post electronic quotations on to the requisition next to DELIVERY notes;
  • Upon completion of a requisition by the staff/dept. an email for approval is sent to the budgetary manager that supervises the Fund/Org to which the purchase has been assigned for final payment. He/She will determine whether they will approve or decline the purchase, by reviewing the merchandise and accuracy of the Fund/Org/Acct/Program codes applied to the requisition.
  • Upon Budget Manager’s approval the requisition proceeds to Elena Mastrangelo (ADP) up to $5000 will close the request and create the PO- transmit to vendor by email. Orders over $5,000 will pass to Kenneth Waldhof $10,000 (Dir. Business Services) and/or Michael Masch $25,000 (CFO) for final approval and transmission to vendor.  
  •  All information/data within the purchase order is transmitted into Banner. The purchase order is accessible to be viewed in Banner and Unimarket. The encumbrance has been assigned to the budget codes as entered in the Unimarket order. At this point, any additions, changes, payments etc. for purchase order are done via Banner.
  • PDF OF PO: To view and forward the purchase order, requestor can open the pdf, of the purchase order in Unimarket and send it as an attachment. The requestor can also COPY a previous order and create a new requisition and proceed through checkout. Copied order can be edited by user.

Unimarket Training

  • Private training sessions are available by arranging an appointment with ADP. It is suggested that any new employees or those that are planning to purchase on their own, contact the ADP to schedule a training session.
  • When applicable training sessions are arranged on a group level and announced in advanced. It is recommended that all users attend these larger group sessions to be updated on any new procedures, features and other tools available as Unimarket advances its’ capabilities along with the college.