Cell Phones

The Business Services Office contracts with Verizon to facilitate the purchase of cell phones for use by approved administrators. 

Cell Phone Procedures

If you are:

  • A new, approved user buying a new phone
  • Upgrading your phone
  • Swapping an old number for a new number

Then you must:

  • Fill out a Verizon cell phone application and have it signed by your budget manager/department head.
  • Allow at least one week for processing and delivery.
  • Take into consideration your department budget when purchasing a new phone
  • Handle with care. Your are responsible for purchasing any accessories and a protective case.

International Plans

If you travel internationally for college business, contact Elena Mastrangelo at 718-862-7361 or elena.mastrangelo@manhattan.edu two weeks prior to departing for your trip. Your Manhattan College Verizon account can be temporarily transferred to a global share plan. When you return, you must inform Elena and your plan will be switched back to the National 400 Share.  

Cell Phone Return/Cancelation

Employees who are leaving the College must submit a cell phone cancelation form PRIOR to leaving their campus position. This form must be signed by the department head.